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Posted by Kimberly Williams on Tuesday, November 29, 2011,
I hate my flesh. It drives me crazy that I can't walk in the spirit everyday. Why? Why is it so hard. I lose my patients with my kids, my husband, and pretty much everyone else. But thankfully my forgiveness is not based on my righteousness or my good merit, but it is the mercy of God. I'm so thankful he draws me back when I wander afar off. That he loves me in spite of myself. Help me Lord to walk uprightly in the spirit!
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Posted by Kimberly Williams on Tuesday, November 29, 2011,
Eli loves our appliances! lolThis is one of the signs I posted about in a post from Korea. Joy is exactly what I needed....and still need!

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Posted by Kimberly Williams on Friday, November 25, 2011,
I have so many things to be thankful for. Today Eli has been home for 4 weeks. He had his first Thanksgiving dinner with us...he ate everything on his plate. He seems so content with us...and for this I am thankful. Today when my step-dad blessed the food he started crying when he thanked God for Eli. I'm thankful that God has redeemed the relationship between my step-dad and I. (we had a rough start when I was a kid) I'm thankful that Eli has softened his heart and has shown him another side...
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16 months

Posted by Kimberly Williams on Wednesday, November 16, 2011,
My sweet boy is 16 months old today. My how our world has changed since his arrival. He is such a good baby. I know he is attached to me, but I waiting for the day he LOVES me. This brings me to my heart. The Lord has been constantly bringing the word love to my mind lately. Since we started the process to adopt my idea's of what love is and what it means have changed drastically. We grow up with the idea that love is some romantic feeling that is to be reciprocated. But love I have found is ...
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Posted by Kimberly Williams on Wednesday, November 9, 2011,
It will be two weeks tomorrow that my little baby came home. He is adapting well to his new home. He is calling Jeremy Da Da, and he calls me Mama, but I think he's referring to his snack. Mama is snack in Korean. He called me Eli for a while because he thought the kids were calling me that. He is cruising on furniture, he eats everything in site, he sleeps like a baby, and he is just a easygoing kid. Lily and Sam adore him. Sam has been asking questions about God creating us. And I was telli...
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Posted by Kimberly Williams on Friday, November 4, 2011,
I've been thinking a lot about home. What it means to be home. On the flight back home from Korea I was extremely homesick to the point I was physically sick. I missed my husband, my kids, and my house. The flight couldn't go fast enough, not to mention little boy was hysterical. Since I've been home I've been thinking about what home means to me. Home is safety, peace, rest, laughter, fun, security, and love. I have mentioned before what a spiritual battle that has in-sued since we stepped o...
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