During this difficult time I have met a wonderful lady on a adoption forum named Karen. She has encouraged me more than she will ever know. One of the things she said to me that made a huge impact is that I need to focus on the blessing in my life rather than dwell on what is not going my way. (getting Eli) The Lord has also pointed me to the scripture to remind me of where my focus needs to be. Historically we as mankind like to go back to our idols. I had posted earlier about Gideon laying out a fleece to test God. After the victory Gideon made a golden ephod and the people the Lord had just saved began to worship it. We forget our blessings and our salvation, we forget the reason we exist, we forget what is important, and we so often return to idols. So here are my blessings I'm praising the Almighty Lord for!!! 
Thank you Lord for a godly husband that loves and adores You!