I have been having many sleepless nights for the last couple of weeks. I just lay in bed and ponder the awesomeness of God and how is it that He loves me so completely, so faithfully, so perfectly. I've been thinking about how His plan for our lives is a perfect plan even when we can't see it. I've been praying that He would help my unbelief. Then I spoke to my friend Sarah today and she made a statement that prompted me to write this blog. She said, "We are teaching unbelief when we deny the power of God." And she shared how when she was little she believed she could fly. She said, "I believed that I could really fly." And she wondered why other people didn't believe. She said to herself, "They’ll never fly because they don’t believe." Jesus said to believe like a little child and we would inherit the Kingdom. Why do you think he used children as a reference? I believe it’s because children have faith, true faith, they believe they can fly!

Faith- (aman-in the Hebrew)- denotes reliability, stability, and firmness. Aman concretely meant to support or to uphold, as for example the strong arms of a parent would uphold an infant. Those arms are sure, certain, and firm. Another Hebrew word used to convey the idea of faith is yare’, usually translated "to fear." To fear God is to believe Him with a reverential awe, even to the point that emotional trepidation occurs. To fear Him is to maintain a firm conviction that the Lord’s directives are reliable, protective, and beneficial to the believer. (Holman Bible Dictionary)

    When I believed in Christ for salvation I had to die to myself and rely on Him for my life, my peace, my forgiveness, and for the direction of my life. As I have grown closer to Him I have believed Him in my marriage, with my children, with my job, with my friendships, and with our church. The faith that I have comes from the Holy Spirit. He has given me the faith to believe. But now on this road I walk my faith has gone deeper than it was before, and just like I child I believe He can do anything. He is showing me, teaching me, and leading me to trust Him with all of my life. He is teaching me to believe that He can do more than I can comprehend. He is teaching me how big He really is, He is upholding me with his hands.

    We started the adoption process on February 22th, 2011 and received a picture of our sweet baby on April 18th, 2011. The day we signed with Heaven Sent Children I told Jeremy that God would receive all of the glory and honor throughout this process. And boy has my faith been tested when in July I thought I would be flying over the ocean to pick up my baby. I again begged the Lord to increase my faith so I have waited patiently on Him and His will for our family. As of today we owed a significant amount of money toward our adoption and once again the Lord proved faithful to give us abundantly above all we could ask or think so now we owe a much smaller amount. So to anyone that is reading this please believe!!! Believe on the Lord Jesus for your salvation, believe the Lord to save your marriage, believe on the Lord to save your children, believe the Lord to led you to the exact spot you should be, believe that you can FLY!!!!!!