I won't be able to share as much as I would like. I'll share more about our experience in Korea later. (when I have time)
Before I left for this trip the Lord kept bring the scripture to my mind, "The joy of the Lord is our strength." I knew then I would need His joy as my strength. I even posted before we left that I was drinking out of my Joy cup. This experience has been like nothing else I have experienced in my life. It has been wonderful, different, peaceful, and awe inspiring. It became HARD today. Up until today everything has been wonderful. I have met life long friends, I have toured this great city, I have shared great moments with my mom, I have eaten nothing but wonderful food. But today, today was HARD. I went to SWS to see Eli again and he was a little bit less shy with us, but when his foster mom left the room he clung to me and then began to cry. I had prepared myself for this or at least I thought I had. I know in my head that I'm a complete stranger and his Umma is his one and only mommy. But it's HARD. After we left the office my mom and I were deflated. Because our first meeting with Eli in his home went perfect. Then the Lord showed me again that He is my joy and He will give me strength. It's so awesome how God works. We had traveled the same roads just yesterday to see Eli at his home, but today when we traveled those same roads I looked out the window and I saw the word JOY four times within two blocks. I didn't know then that the Lord was preparing me for what I would need. Joy is a strange word in the Bible. Paul says, "to count is all JOY when you face varies trials." I know now what that verse means. Joy is not happy, joy is content in Christ. Completely sold out and dependent on Him no matter what the cost. His joy is our strength! To me He is saying, "Kimberly, My joy is yours. rest in Me and allow Me to be your strength. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." He will be my joy today and always. Today I choose JOY. In my fear, in my doubt, in my fallen humanness......I chose the JOY of my Lord!!!!!!