My list my be longer today...because today it has been easier to be thankful.

11. Thankful for my mom who came to spend the night away from her home to keep our kiddo's while we took Eli to Vandy.
12. Thankful for the Movie popcorn my mom brought with her 
13. Thankful for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital
14. Thankful for the staff at Vandy that truly love my little boy
15. Thankful the Physician isn't concerned about Eli's development
16. Eli started blowing kisses today
17. Eli said stop today
18. Thankful that all of Eli's test so far are normal
19. Thankful for Lily's creativity 
20. My husband's kind words tonight when he was telling the kids how he should tell me more how much he appreciate's me.
21. having a conversation with my friend's today...may I never take them for granted

Lily's list

11. For Doctor's
12. For my home
13. Thankful that my mommy adopted Eli
14. Thankful that we can go to Disney World
15. For my Nana. And I'm thankful that she came over
16. I'm thankful for my mom and dad
17. I'm thankful for drinks
18. I'm thankful for my birthday
19. I'm thankful for the kisses Eli gives me
20. I'm thankful for Splash Mountain