The weapons of this world are not fleshly, I have come to know this all too well. This post is not in any way a pity party for me or my family, but a strong warning to all who follow Christ to be prepared to fight.


I have come to realize in my walk with the Lord that the closer you become to Him the heavier the cross becomes. He didn’t promise us that we would not face battles, but He did promise we wouldn’t face them alone.


Our decision to adopt was not a decision we made apart from the sovereign hand of God. So we know that satan is on the prowl trying to destroy what the Lord is doing in our lives. Adoption is not the only area of our lives that we are walking out for the Lord. We try with His help to bring Him glory in all we do. Having said this I will say that this year has been very tiring and I am weary.


We have never faced so much sickness in our family. It seems that every week one of us is battling an illness of some kind. satan also knows how much my children mean to me so he often attacks them to get to us. Lily has been affected the most. I believe part of the reason he is attacking her is he knows where she stands in the spiritual realm. She understands the election and calling of God, and she knows the Holy Spirit isn’t drawing her yet. She has so much understanding of the word of God that I know in my heart the Lord has big plans for her. I will not let satan diminish her faith in the Lord, we pray for healing, but I want her to know that our prayers aren’t always answered. Answered or not God is in complete control.


The battles we face are given by the Lord, or allowed by Him. Nothing we go through surprises Him. The only thing we have is our prayer life, the Holy Spirit, and His holy word to guide us. He has warned us that we would be put to the test, be sent through the fire, we would face sickness, hardship, and even death. We are not immune to the consequences of this fallen world or our sin. I have the responsibility to take up my cross, dress in my armor, and prepare to fight for my faith. Sam was running around in the living room with his sword he got at Disney World and I saw him with spiritual eyes. I saw us with the sword of the Spirit. We have the awesome privilege to have the Holy Spirit. He is the third person of the trinity that seems to get left out most of the time. We hear sermons about God the Father, and God the Son, but how many have we heard about God the Holy Spirit. He is here with us to fight for us and give us the strength to press into the battle that is raging. If we would only understand our place in the kingdom of God, and the benefits of being part of God’s workmanship. We have Jesus at the right of God advocating for us, and we have the Holy Spirit to help us. Jesus said He would not leave us, but that the comforter would come. He is here!


I prayed on the way to work this morning and I felt a passion rise up in me and a fervency to share this. This may be just for me, to prepare me for the next battle, but my prayer is that it prepares my fellow army men. It’s not easy living in a fallen world, but I look forward to my heavenly home where I can sit at the feet of Jesus in a battle free kingdom.