I have so many things to be thankful for. Today Eli has been home for 4 weeks. He had his first Thanksgiving dinner with us...he ate everything on his plate. He seems so content with us...and for this I am thankful. Today when my step-dad blessed the food he started crying when he thanked God for Eli. I'm thankful that God has redeemed the relationship between my step-dad and I. (we had a rough start when I was a kid) I'm thankful that Eli has softened his heart and has shown him another side of our Father God. I'm thankful for a warm home, food, clothing, all of the things we take for granted. I'm so thankful for my children. When God speaks of them as a blessing they truly are. The softness of their cheeks when I give them kisses, their laughter that spills through the house, their unconditional love for me, and yes, even their messes. Thank you God for your abundant blessings!!!!