22. I'm so grateful that the God I serve is in the business of forgiveness
23. Thankful that God is quick to discipline me
24. Thankful for the ladies I've been attending Bible study with
25. Thankful my babies are quick to forgive and forget
26. Thankful for my adoptive mama friends 
27. Thankful my daddy is coming this weekend...so thankful he's still here
28. Thankful for the book Passionate Housewives Desperate for God
29. Thankful for my relationship with my husband...no matter what he's my best friend
30. Thankful for Lily's 50 stuffed animals in my bed....it's a reminder to be thankful for her
31. Thankful for Paula and Ann...no matter how many miles separate us we will always be B.F.F.'s

Lily's asleep so I will document her thankfulness tomorrow.