I couldn't wait to write these words!!!! WOW!!!!!! How do I begin to describe how I feel. I'm not a person of few words, but I almost can't find the words to write. How amazing this journey has been up to this point. From the day we stepped into Heaven Sent Children to the day we read the words, "he is yours," from the money given to us by our parents, our friends, our family, the prayers, support, and encouraging words. And now the day is quickly approaching when we will be a family of five. And the strangest thing of all is that it is bitter sweet. I sit here today in tears when I think of Eli and his family. How I will be taking him away from his family, his culture, his food, his people. I think of my kids. My princess Lily who seems a little sad today, but she can't tell me why. My funny out going baby boy that within just a few days will be the BIG brother. I have so many emotions I can't describe them all, but I can say this, God is good! He loves us with a GREAT love and boy I'm so excited to see His plan unfold. He will be here with us through the grief, He will sustain us through the sleepless nights, He will be here to comfort my children that may not understand His plan. Thank you Lord! That is words I want to come from my lips. Praise and adoration for the Lord that had this planned before Jeremy and I were conceived in our mother's womb. This is His plan, perfect, holy, WONDERFUL!!!!!