Mommy has had to ask the Lord to increase my faith this week. I really thought we would get THE CALL this week. I miss you so bad and yet I haven't held you. We have watched your video's over and over. Your Umma is so sweet and takes really good care of you. Your birthday is July 16, 2011 and I have petitioned our Lord daily that He would grant me favor and let me celebrate the day of your birth with you. I believe He will grant this request. He has been taking me to specific scripture's in His word about being persistent and showing me how much He loves us and wants to answer our prayers. He knows best and I believe His timing is perfect. Mommy and Nana have had a really bad cold this week so He may just be protecting you from getting sick. I don't know His will or plan, but I do trust Him. I love you sweet boy! I'll be kissing you soon!!!